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From a trip to the countryside to the Zissel-Party, there is practically nothing that does not exist. Considering cinemas, concerts, Kulturzelt Kassel, cabarets, festivals, parties, operas, theatres and variety shows, you can spend your leisure time in rich variety at any rate. In addition, Northern Hesse is pretty sporty.

Amusing and Moving

The best example that Kassel and the region like to celebrate, is the four-day Zissel party in the beginning of August. Since 1926, the fair is celebrated on and along the Fulda, and what it means that "D`r Häring hängt!", is well known here to everyone - not only to the 'Zisselkönigin' and 'Fullenixe'. In addition, open air concerts, 'Kulturzelte' and beer gardens belong to the summer.

The Christmas markets in the Brüder Grimm region are popular far beyond the boundaries of Kassel. Internationally renowned is the alternative cinema scene for the 'Dokfest', the annual Kassel Documentary and Video Festival. There are numerous locations for going out at the Kulturbahnhof, Kulturzelt bars, pubs, clubs and discotheques.

And in the matter of sports? You can do some laps in a captive balloon or a glider. Or you can jump out of a plane as well - with a parachute, of course. Less adventurous, you can improve your handicap on one of the golf courses or cycle leisurely along the Fulda. You can ride a mountain bike, go climbing, drive a go-cart, take part in the Kassel marathon, or become member of one of the numerous sports clubs.

On the Diemel, Eder, Fulda, Werra, Weser and the Edersee you can row, paddle, go waterskiing and for a boat trip. Kassel also has got al lot of beautiful lakes, thermal baths and swimming pools in order to take a bath. Great sport is shown by the kickers of KSV Hessen Kassel, the hockey professionals Kassel Huskies and the Bundesliga handball players of the MT Melsungen.

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