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Focused Knowledge Transfer

From day care centre via university and management academy to adult education, a close and diversified education network encompasses the region of Kassel.

Care, education and advanced training

Approximately 250 day care centres and kindergartens are located in the city and the district of Kassel. There are 76 primary schools, 34 grammar-, comprehensive- and secondary schools. These include 2 European schools, 2 experimental schools of the Hesse State and a partner school of the competitive sport as well as a Club of Rome-School, an open school, a reform school and an environmental education school. The SIS International School Kassel is teaching bilingually in German and English from educational- to grammar school.
The University of Kassel is bearing the title 'Start-Up University' officially since 2013 due to its strong start-up culture. Its management school additionally supports the qualification, education and training of specialists and executives. In addition, the 'UniCard' serves as entrance ticket for learning outside job and university. Together with the Adult Education Centre, the Technology and Innovation Center as well as free institutional education centres and marketing and management academies, the adult education is well-positioned.

Innovative Schools

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